The More You Tan... The More You Save!!

Whether you want to be bronze and shimmering by next month, next week, 
                or within the's our priority to help our clients reach their tanning goals

Beach club

Sun City offers the "Beach Club Membership" program that allows you unlimited monthly tanning at 3 different level's for very competitive low prices.

We soon realized the advantages to year-round sun tanning and we knew immediately that Sun City could offer our clients a convenient and affordable way to achieve them.

In order to make your membership a relaxing and rewarding experience, we want to make sure you understand not only the benefits of membership, but also the rights and responsibilities that apply to you, the Sun City Company, and our staff.

Please refer to the information below to help clarify some of the
finer points regarding your Beach Club membership.

  • This is an open-ended agreement and payments continue until you complete a Beach Club cancellation form. When doing so, you will receive a copy of the form. Keep that copy as a proof of cancellation.
  • When you join Beach Club your payment covers tanning for 30 days, no cost to join. Your first regular payment is due same day the following month which gives you a full 30 days of fun in the sun before paying again.
  • Cancellation, payment type changes, and freezes must be made at Sun City any time prior to your 30 day renewal date otherwise it will not be in effect until the following month.
  • Automatic payments: If you chose to do automatic payments you will receive a discount on top of what Beach Club already offers.
  • Pre-payments are always welcome!
  • Sun City may re-process dishonored automatic payments three times during the month.
  • There are no refunds for unused months. Accounts may be frozen in order to avoid full payment if a medical condition prevents you from continuing with your membership.
  • Sun City consents only to agreements in writing and not verbal agreements.

With the Beach Club membership you qualify for a discount on all merchandise!

Beach Day

Customize your Tanning package to fit your needs!

With a Sun City- Sun Tanning Visit Package, you pay one set price for multiple visits at a rate that is much lower than buying sessions individually. Examples of some session packages we offer include:

  • The Five-Visit freebie: With the help of a knowledgeable Tanning Consultant, choose the tanning bed or sun tanning system that best suits your specific tanning goals. Then, buy a package of five visits in that particular bed, and we will give you one for free!
  • The 'Double-Dip': Perfect for the event tanner! First, enjoy a relaxing session in one of our Instant beds for a quick, natural base tan. Then, immediately slide into our legs only tanner for a richer deeper darker exposure. The "Double Dip" results are amazing!
  • The Tripple Threat Cocktail: Is perfect for those last minute "Oh my gosh I need to get some color before my sisters wedding" people. First enjoy a relaxing session in one of our Instant beds for a quick, natural base tan. Then, immediately slide into our legs only tanner for a richer deeper darker exposure, and then lastly head on over to our Tahiti Room for a quick- long lasting Mystic!  This tripple threat cocktail is sure to leave you bronzed and beautiful for any event!

Speak with a tanning consultant and customize a package thats right for you!

Single visit

Even One Tanning Visit Can Set You Right!

Although we love our clients to save money with Beach Club memberships and visit packages, Sun City knows that sometimes you only have one night to shine. We offer the most cutting-edge equipment to include Mystic tan's!

We'd love for you to experience the Sun City difference, even if only for a single visit. Drop by our Sun City Tanning salon and we'll be happy to set you up with any of our beds for a quick session to indulge your senses and soak in some sun.

Whatever your reason for tanning, we have a Tanning package perfect for you! If you don't find what you're looking for, just ask. We can create a custom package just for you!

Want to know more about the facts of indoor tanning and how it can reduce your risk of many types of cancers including breast, colon and cervical cancer?  It also helps increase your immune system through the production of Vitamin D which is vital to your body's health.

Tanning has become popular for Acne, Eczema and Seasonal Effective Disorder sufferers, or anyone looking for a boost of vitamin D.

Students / Senior / Military

Sun City Tanning offers 25% off Tanning for all Active Military, Adults 55  and over, and  Full Time College Students, and Teens 15-18.

Must present a valid photo ID to prove age or military status. College Students need to show current college schedule of 12 credits or more. Teens must have student photo ID and a parent or guardian present to sign up. Parent approval with signiture with valid parent photo ID are also required.

Twenty five percent off Tanning excludes Beach Club Memberships.


As required by California law, all clients between the ages of 14 and 18 will be required to have a consent form signed by a parent or guardian, in the presence of a SCT employee, once every 12 months. Both parent or guardian and the teen must show a valid photo ID when signing.

Under 14 ?:
Clients under the age of 14 may tan sunless in our Mystic Tan spray-on booths and/or Custom Airbrushing with parental approval.