Chynna Dolls Bikinis

Chynna Dolls Bikinis


We offer top swimwear to Concord CA. The Scrunch Butt is a design that contours the bikini to your skin flattering your sexy curves. It is an innovative design that helps lift and contour the bikini to your skin. This allows you to look sexy in and out of the water!

The Scrunch Butt design provide's a unique look that is seductive and exotic. It transcends the boring mainstream prints and colors, to bring you styles that pop out of a crowd. Behind the design is function and flattery, not to mention style!The result is not just sexy.

“You will be the Beach Diva
Timeless Beauty Cosmetics

"Timeless Beauty Cosmetics" Mineral foundation is made with all natural ingredients such as Mica, Zinc Oxides,

Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide. These minerals are mined from the earths crust and go through a very delicate

process where they are coated and treated and then micronized to get a variety of different shades.

We call our foundation "plus4" because it acts as a foundation, a concealer, a powder and an SPF 15!

Mineral makeup has become the largest growing area in the cosmetic industry. Movie stars have been using it for years. It's light, breathable, goes on quickly, smoothly, and easily. It won't cake, gives excellent coverage, and lasts all day.

Timeless Beauty Cosmetics Mica Mineral Foundation sits on the skin, and doesn't clog your pores! Since we don't use preservatives, chemical, wax, oils, talc, dyes, and fragrance, our cosmetics are actually good for your skin!! Our Foundation is a none-comedogenic product. Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and acne.

We use Zinc- Anti-inflammatory that cool and calm your skin, Iron-Anti aging that tone your collagen, and Titanium-Reflexes the sun and gives you the SPF 15. No matter what your skin type,TBC is so pure,natural and gentle it is fit for every skin type from oily skin to dry skin to extremely sensitive skin. You will always have that natural flawless coverage.



Sun City Spa Skin Care Products

Our luxurious skin care products will immediately improve skin density, texture and tone with a synergistic blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids which lead to a clear, glowing and purely radiant complexion!

Our non-irritating, gently exfoliating treatments will help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, visibly reducing pore size, preventing future breakouts and perfecting skin tone. You can now obtain the healthy complexion you always deserved!

We carry over 50 different skin care products ranging from
masks to exfoliators to complete skin care kits.

Please Visit our salon For Complete Line Of Products!